About me

The edges of a frame are often more interesting than the center.

I’m a freelance filmmaker and producer and I do postprodction work based in Zurich Switzerland.
I’m part of the Swiss based production company Dynamic Frame since more than five years and doing mostly animation and postproducing/coordination work for advertisements.

There was always a passion to direct and produce shortfilms.
I co-founded Perspective Pictures in 2012 and independendtly produced a couple of different shortfilms over past few years. Since then, my focus went from the passion of own shortfilm projects, to a more freelance based workstyle in corporate and advertisement.


Post Production Skills

I started learning After Effects and Premiere Pro more than 10 years ago and progressed from action loaded muzzle flash composites in my shortfilms, over to flashy title animations, and finished my skillset with highly detailed wristwatch and beauty retouches. Other than most of todays VFX artists, my skills are more on the invisible side. If you can’t see anything, I did my retouch work good!

In the last years I did lots of Assistant Editing and Editing on different sized projects. Since 2019 I do post coordination/post producing at Dynamic Frame.


What ever your film production need is, I can help out!

Get in touch:

me@claudiosipka.com | +41 79 451 93 46